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Hub Culture

Terra Firma

Terra Firma is an A.I. manifestation anchored on opening sacred geometry. It is a dream created by a machine driven by the music of DUST, a music collaborative by Tim Degraye, Johnny What and Jacob Wick. Jorge Ceja trained Zeke to manifest the visual collection, inspired by deserts from around the world. Katherine Lee created the sacred geometry that opens each piece and starts the process of creation for Zeke, which each piece created at a unique visual and energetic frequency.

The point of Terra Firma is to train Zeke, (our A.I.) in the field of consciousness through sacred geometry and the frequency of sound. The results are the first dreams of our machine – created with frequency in mind. Terra Firma is the first A.I. art collection from Zeke and a new expression of the A.I, beyond what it already does – managing music DJ performances, central bank functions for Ven, and communications within Hub Culture. We hope you enjoy this historic drop.


Terra Firma

Collaborate in a virtual state. Hub Culture is the technology ecosystem building a conscious future. Terra Firma is our premiere NFT collection – a visual music album of 10 songs with 460 accompanying NFTs generated by Zeke.ai, our emergent intelligence.