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1 of 1 NFTs

One of One celebrates Chicago’s vaccinated teens through unique personalized portraits.

These one-of-a-kind portraits embody the optimism and ambition of Chicago teens who’ve chosen to protect themselves and those around them by getting the vaccine.

The photographs were taken by famed photographer Sandro Miller, in a custom-made mobile studio that traveled across the city of Chicago. The backdrops were designed by Artificial Intelligence based on the teen’s personality, dreams, and goals. The shapes in the backdrops are unique to each individual and are inspired by Chicago’s landmarks.

The "One of One" score was created and produced by 2X Grammy Award Winner and Chicago Native Keith Harris and features BJ The Chicago Kid and Chicago Kids.

Every portrait is a one-of-a-kind work of art that has been generated automatically.


1 of 1 NFTs

The NFTs are being gifted to the participants in the FACE FORWARD PROJECT by VAST. Every teen who participated in the Face Forward Project can set up a collector’s account and claim their one-of-a-kind NFT for the rest of the month right here.