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David Mesfin

Wade In The Water

David Mesfin was originally born in Ethiopia and migrated to the United States at an early age. While spending his younger years in St. Augustine, Florida, he was immersed in a vibrant local surf culture that conceived his passion for the ocean and nature. 

After moving to the West-Coast to receive his Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication and Advertising from California State University, Long Beach, David connected with a budding community of Black surfers that introduced him to the historical context of surfing in Africa. These formative experiences connecting his lifelong passion and ancestral roots spawned the creative inspiration and community-based collaborations that have bloomed into Wade in the Water (2022).

For more information about David’s experience in creative direction and multi-disciplinary creative, visit www.davidmesfin.com.


Wade In The Water

The Wade in the Water fine art portrait series and NFTs (Non-fungible token)celebrate the activists, pioneers, and future leaders of Southern California’’s Black surfing community adorned with the leaves of Afrocarpus gracilior, the African Fern Pine. 

20% of sales are pledged to 5 non-profit surfing community organizations.